SSL for free (no need to run lets encrypt on your own)

Just found a service that solves the problem of wanting a Let’s Encrypt cert while not being given the choice for the DNS challenge.

And the solution comes in the form of , with this site you can generat a let’s encrypt cert and then upload the certs or copy/past the content.


For whatever reason it never worked for me. Tried it a while back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not very difficult to run certbot - I wouldn’t trust a random site to generate keys and a cert for me.


You can always generate your own CSR, but yeah certbot makes things pretty brainless nowadays

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I personally like GitHub - go-acme/lego: Let's Encrypt/ACME client and library written in Go since it’s done in go, just one file to dump on a system and run.


I had no idea it was a thing. I’ll have to play around with it at some point. Thanks!

Yeah, I think I found it during a time when python pre-req hell was driving me insane and i replaced a number of python things with go based software to try and keep what little sanity I had left lol I’ve used it for a while and had no issues.

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Haha, no doubt. I’ve absolutely loved playing around with Go recently, so I have no doubts that this is a great implementation. I look forward to deplying it across my company infrastructure if it pans out :slight_smile: works amazing and there’s not prereq other than bash.


Dear God! 6k+ lines in the script. Must be a bitch to try and debug as they were writing the script.

Been using their service for over a year now. No problems so far. It’s quite useful if don’t have access to your servers for some reason.