SpinServers - Dual Xeon E5-2630L v2, 64GB RAM, 2x 800GB SSD's, LSI RAID Controller = $90/m

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Spin Servers provides dedicated servers and colocation services out of our Dallas datacenter facility. Our motto is to let you “spin up servers” fast, seamlessly, and affordably. Here are some of our core features that make us one-of-a-kind:

Vertically Integrated: we are one of the first and only hosting providers to be an integrated hardware reseller. We started as hardware enthusiasts that scavenged for deals on undervalued server equipment coming off-lease. We have come a long way since the ‘90’s; we’re now one of the largest resellers of pre-owned servers on the planet.

  • We own 100% of the servers that are used for hosting. We have full control over quality and specifications.
  • Servers are an ASSET to our business, not an EXPENSE. We pass on tremendous cost savings to you.

Instantly Deploy the following dedicated server…

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630L v2, 12x 2.4GHz (24x 2.4 GHz with HT)
64GB DDR3 ECC Registered RAM
2x 800GB Enterprise SSD’s
LSI 9265-8i RAID w/ Cache & BBU
10TB Monthly Transfer @ 1Gbps
Auto-provisions within 30 minutes
6x Bay 2.5 Inch hot-swap chassis (scale on demand)
Just $90/month with promo code " WINWITHUS "
DEPLOY NOW: https://www.spinservers.com/cart.php…code=WINWITHUS

See our dedicated server inventory here: https://www.spinservers.com/dedicated_servers.php

Don’t see the specs you want? Call, email, or chat us! Chances are we have what you’re looking for in stock.

Here’s why we have the advantage:

To understand our mission at Spin Servers and get a feel for who we are, you need to know our sister company, MET International.

Our hosting operations are completely vertically-integrated and have synergies in our operations with MET International and TheServerStore.com - a hardware supplier since 1994 with its own 40,000 sq. ft warehouse in Texas. The results: our dedicated servers are 50% + cheaper compared to other hosting providers, and all of our hardware undergoes vigorous testing and quality assurance. We provide the exceptionally high level of service, and we use top-tier datacenters.

Here’s how your business can win with us:

We operate our own ASN (AS396073), own our IP space, and use redundant 10Gbps cabling for our servers. If you ever need to upgrade your server to 10Gbps, you can do so within minutes, without needing to add any extra physical components to your server!

Want to know more? Connect with us here:

Live Chat www.SpinServers.com
Email [email protected]
Call Us (833) SPIN SRV (774 6778)
Follow us on Twitter @spinservers
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That’s a great deal, thanks for posting!

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Excellent offer here.

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