SpeedyKVM Refresh

Hello All,
We recently spent some time refreshing the offerings and expanding the available locations of https://speedykvm.com. All VPS are now SSD only and available in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle and Tampa. More locations are on the horizon.

All the Best,
Steve Eschweiler - COO



so I guess that little Dal Vol 0 KVM is EOL?

I’ve been enjoying a 3-year deal that will be done in December. Was fun while it lasted I guess :slight_smile:

Have the same, but shouldn’t it renew at the same price?

that would indeed be a wonderful thing but … I wouldn’t take it for granted

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I really doubt they will allow us to renew the server for another 3 years.

Not sure they have a whole lot to lose by keeping the hardware running, have to check my invoices and see what the options are…

We do not intend to kill off any of the legacy users. We are not going to offer that plan going forward but if you have it now, you can keep it and renew it.



Awesome, thanks!

Should have picked up more of those plans when they had them… :slight_smile:

Have to still message you about my servers there, have a few questions since Incero was sold, but been enjoying the service - thanks a lot!

Shoot me an email [email protected]. Happy to help answer any questions you have.

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Thanks Steve, think I still have an email draft somewhere, will try to finish up and send it over.

And sorry for hijacking the thread, but definitely happy with my SpeedKVM servers, for anyone looking at the offerings!