Some Hetzner servers I can give away for a fair amount

Hey guys,

today I can give out 5 hetzner machines all of them goes out for 25 euro :

-All the machines are located in Germany (FSN)

Not worth it anymore as there is setup fees and they are now in the SB…

All the disks are in a good state, and I replaced around 4 of them in total to be sure of it.

I accept payments via PayPal, Wallee (MasterCard, Visa) with a link I can provide you with.

The transfer is instant, the machines come with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but you should directly boot it in rescue and reset it.

Update : I am going for a walk so let me some time to reply in case there are messages :smile:


As FYI tomorrow I cancel them. I can go for 20 euro too it’s okay as long as they go away c: !

Update to let people choose I’ll keep them one day more but I cancel them tomorrow around 12:00 UTC+1 (not midnight)

Post in Hetzner’s Forum if you haven’t already :smiling_face:

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Thanks for the tip :stuck_out_tongue: but everything is there too :

3x EX52-NVME reserved

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Got one of those AX51-NVME from @Poli. Very good communication and smooth transaction, thanks mate! :+1:t3:

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