SolusVM acquired by Plesk

SolusVM has been acquired by Plesk!

What do you guys think about this? Or is everyone already moved over to Virtualizor? :stuck_out_tongue:

How will the SolusVM acquisition work?
Plesk is acquiring all SolusVM assets and will carry on its growth strategy. Thus, elevating it from a single server control panel to a future-proof cloud platform. We’ll provide both cloud service providers and web professionals a single pane of glass application that will become the future of WebOps.

The SolusVM team, led by Phill Bandelow, will become an integral part of the growing Plesk R&D team. This acquisition will also propel forward development and innovation of the next version of SolusVM.

“We’re excited to join Plesk, and become part of a changing force in the hosting industry. SolusVM fits naturally into the growing Plesk portfolio, providing new and compelling opportunities for our customer base. They can now expect a faster pace of innovation while being able to access the WebOps services and automation that Plesk is known for.

– Phill Bandelow, SolusVM Team Lead.


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Phill is still @ SolusVM? The implication being that any work actually gets done? :smile:

They have had a very easy job for sure.

Slack and every 6 month say “We are working on it”. Rinse and repeat.

I chose the wrong field, that’s for sure.

Soon ™

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