I was just looking into SOGO, it looks nice, the demo is neat.
So I’m wondering why providers are not favoring SOGO over roundcube and squirrelmal that every hosting company is still providing.

From what I know, Sogo requires more resources (RAM) than RoundCube or Squirrelmail, while in low-end market we like to use resources wisely to reduce costs. Also, Roundcube and Squirrelmail are much older than Sogo, so many people are already adapted with those simple interfaces.

On another note, Mailcow already has option for Sogo at installation, and Sogo receives more love each day.

Far more complex to set up and adapt to an existing configuration than those.

Hard to integrate with control panels, needs a separate server. Also, it’s not any more feature rich than RoundCube (in the end-user arena). Those would be the main reasons we heard from the providers that switched to CrossBox.

Then there is a license (GPL) issue which from the provider’s viewpoint is also not so great because you must open source any changes you make to the software. For example, you create a custom theme that matches your hosting company - you must open source it and anyone can take it and sell it further.

I have to confess that I immediate thought it was about lazyness… as in “ohh well, people are not asking for, so… wy bother” kind of deal.

But what you and @Jarland said makes sense.

I have been using SOGo for a while now cause it’s bundled with Mailcow and I don’t really care enough to switch it. It’s not the greatest, but it works. I would use Roundcube any day over it though if I was setting up an email server by hand.

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Last time I used mailcow, there was an option to use roundcube instead.