Software to Store Photos

My photo gallery size has been increasing and the computer disk is going full. Any catalog software you are using?

Online services are great and secure, but I have some VPSes idling… and I keep buying more.


Can’t go wrong with chevereto. The free tier is decent enough.
Lychee and PiWiGo are also solid alternatives.


I’ve only just started using Nextcloud but I really like it, plus it has file encryption. If you’re wanting a gallery type software no clue, the ones I used in the past are dead now I think. Chevereto looks clean.


Actually, I remember that Lychee is one that I used a long time ago that. But it depends on functionality you need. If you don’t need gallery view like this then I think Nextcloud is good.


I like the look of Lychee.

Internet is slow where I live. I think a good point should be the ability to synchronize from a folder, like Dropbox or OneDrive.

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+1 for Nextcloud. The latest version has an album view (based on folder structure) and this plugin looks pretty sweet as well.



Forgot to include this in my last post but you can trial Nextcloud here to see if it suits your needs :slight_smile:

Is it working for you? I’ve been trying to sign in for the last hour without success. It keeps loading and redirecting.

EDIT: Now my IP got banned. LOL.

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Yeah it works for me. Fire up a VPN and I’ll PM you my demo credentials :slight_smile:

Thank you all.

I think Nextcloud is my choice.


If you’re interested in Nextcloud, we have Nextcloud-based instances. We call them Storage Shares and you can order them using our konsoleH customer interface. --Katie


Let me know when it’s available in US :smiley:

Not a joke.


I’d want that too.

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I was going to buy Chevereto but a single picture can’t be part of multiple albums. I better store the photos in a single directory if I can’t sort photos :sweat_smile:

│   master.key
│   passwords.txt    
│   │   howtoblackmail.txt
│   │   ransom.txt
│   │
│   └───jarland
│       │   tayjar.jpg
│       │   tayjar2.jpg
│       │   
    │   himom.txt
    │   christmascard.gif
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Nextcloud is great, however it starts to suffer with 100000’s of files, at least from what i’ve noticed.

IMHO I would go with seafile ( which is faster for syncing for one and doesn’t suffer the same issues.

Option with it is either go pro version which is free for 3 users and get all the benefits of it or go fully open sourced but then you loose some nice features but have unlimited users. If you need 3-9 users, its cheap still for pro but after then its quite costly.

It really depends IMO on the amount of files more than the size and how quick you want/need the syncing to be.

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