Softaculous Still alive?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know if softaculous is still alive? I have subscriptions of Softaculous and Virtualizor, Created a ticket 24hrs back and still no response. Their Live chats are offline from 1 week. Also, they do not mention any phone numbers on their websites and so I cannot contact them as well!

They replied to a ticket of mine about sitepad recently (last week) within 24 hours, but they can be slow sometimes.

They’re offline!:sweat_smile: On their website for more than a week now. I sent an offline message 3 days ago still not responded

the team is very much alive. Atleast till the virtualizor project is alive. They used to very much active on live chat before but now days you seldom see them online.

They have a lot of different products. It must keep them very busy :slight_smile:

Is alive, usually we have issue contacted them respond was fast

They are very much alive! Had a meeting with their CEO today. If you type in their company name into Skype you can also get them there still :wink: