So another company deadpooled... buyt do you remember the one that

So I’m sure you guys are aware that GalaxyHostPlus deadpooled, and that topic made me recall of this one company a year or so ago that clients gathered to keep it afloat. I think that happened twice.
I remember watching a video of the owner explaining what happened and clients being really supportive and topping up their accounts for the company to survive. Then the guy bought some other company clients… I think it was GVH… and the forum went crazy on him… (loose thoughts, bare with me).

Does any of you remembered the company name? I was wondering what came to it… if it really survived.

Was that the one who’s wife went ape shit on everyone? Duke something or other?

You mean Duke?

XFuse Solutions.

His nickname was XFS_Duke.

There was someone who sent his wife a few dildos.

@Jarland @Miguel
Yeah that name rings a bell.

There was someone who sent his wife a few dildos.

wtf… seems to be down so I guess that answers my question. Sad, cause it seems that quite some people supported him by topping up their accounts.


Yep. Many people donated, etc. Well, I don’t think he was a bad guy but oh well… I didn’t donate, didn’t think he was worth it.

I think he killed his own clients goodwill when he associated himself with GVH

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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Just start off being a villain, the benefits are far better.