SkylonHost | High bandwidth European Cloud KVM in Prague, CZ

Hello again!
I would like to introduce We are a European based KVM VPS (cloud) provider with knowledgeable, European based support and unique features.

What makes us unique?

  • Hourly billing
  • High bandwidth limits, guaranteed port speed
  • Intuitive, fast, in-house control panel
  • Located in Prague, Czech Republic (Central Europe) and powered by our own custom, highly optimized network, we offer high throughput and good latency to North American, European and Middle East markets.
  • Infrastructure colocated in a secure TIER III rated datacenter
  • We own all our hardware and IP space
  • Hardware cached, battery backed RAID 10 SSDs

Enough of the yapping, I want offers!

Memory CPU SSD Bandwidth Price
512MB 1 core 10GB SSD 5000GB @ 500Mbps 2.99€/month OR 0.005€/h ORDER
1GB 2 cores 15GB SSD 10000GB @ 500Mbps 4.99€/month OR 0.008€/h ORDER
2GB 2 cores 20GB SSD 10000GB @ 500Mbps 6.99€/month OR 0.011€/h ORDER
4GB 4 cores 50GB SSD 20000GB @ 500Mbps 13.99€/month OR 0.022€/h ORDER
6GB 4 cores 75GB SSD 30000GB @ 500Mbps 20.99€/month OR 0.033€/h ORDER
8GB 4 cores 100GB SSD 30000GB @ 500Mbps 27.99€/month OR 0.044€/h ORDER

A special offer to all HostBalls members (with an account older than a week): we will add 15% to any top-up you do, just open a ticket saying you came from here.

Since we’re a small company, no VAT is charged and the listed prices are final

Network details
We run our own network under AS202297. Our transit blend consists of GTT, Telia, Cogent and Core Backbone, as well as internet exchange (direct low latency access to Hetzner, Google, CloudFlare, Hurricane Electric, Digital Ocean Frankfurt…)

Looking glass is available here:
Latencies to common destinations:

CloudFlare - 0.299ms
Google - 0.264ms - 10.1ms
Vultr London - 17.5ms - 24.4ms
Vultr New Jersey - 97.6ms

All our servers automatically come with a single routed IPv4 and a routed /64 prefix. Additional bandwidth is available at a low price of 0.5€/TB (we don’t charge that unless you grossly exceed the bandwidth limit and agree to it). We can also provide BGP sessions to customers, free of charge.

Custom control panel?
We were tired of using buggy, slow and unusable control panels. That is why we created Cloudie, a software which brings billing and VPS management under a single, easy to use interface.

We pride ourselves in providing high performance, good quality services. In an effort to be more transparent, we allow you to view system utilization of the node your VPS is on:

Legal stuff
Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy
tl;dr; no malware, don’t spam, don’t use hacking tools (including port scanners), no public VPNs/TOR exits (private ones are OK), no hosting of pirated content


lagged for manual… would you please check )

Your account has been approved, sorry for the delay. Seems FraudLabs is only good at keeping out legitimate customers.

Good luck! Cool offers :slight_smile: Just to clarify: How many team members are you? Or is it just you? Again, a 1 man show doesn’t have to be bad at all (@MichaelCee ), just curious in general.

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Thank you!
It is indeed just me doing all the work (including development). So far there wasn’t a need to hire another person, the amount of support requests is manageable.


Thanks for clarifying! All the best mate :slight_smile: Didn’t intend to downrate your service or anything :slight_smile:

The Kleinunternehmer Regelung/Small business is indeed useful as you don’t need to charge tax which can allow for competitive prices. LET market… is a different story though.


Extremely knowledgeable guy while being humble.
I’ve liked @FHR s services ( tested for a few weeks)

Best of luck.


Your custom panel looks very functional while still having a nice aesthetic! Well done :slight_smile: I particularly like being able to see the host node stats, that’s a nice touch.

It’s always nice to see custom panels w/o reliance on the big dogs (solusvm, virtualizor, etc.)


Thank you! I actually used to use Virtualizor in the past, but always felt like its usability and reliability are minimal for both customers and me. Combine that with a broken networking setup and I decided enough is enough.
Additionally, I always felt like ordering something in WHMCS and then having to log into a separate panel with a separate set of credentials is a painful and confusing procedure. :wink:


I love this panel and the hourly billing VPS :wink:

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Yeah I have had my VPS with skylon for over 6 months now, and have had 0 issues. Although I am sure that if I ever had any issues - they would be resolved in a matter of minutes, as @FHR is just awesome.

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