Siteground vs WPengine vs Namecheap WordPress Hosting

Looking for a solution for freaking WordPress.
That mostly serves Australia and the US.

What’s your experience?

SiteGround is amazing and well priced for what they offer. WP Engine is also amazing, and probably worth it if you have no intent to manage it.

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Theyll manage the site for me? That’s sounds hot but I doubt they’d handle the daily updates.

Though I’ve not actually used them, I’d expect the works. A lot of the real talented hands-on admins from HG went over there, some from DO as well. Taking WP pains off your plate is kind of their thing.

Just found namecheap new plans with free cdn.

wpengine excellent support if budget is not the issue go for wpengine/kinsta excellent support and service

I would never pick any plan based on the amount of visitors.

But it seems that these WordPress centric guys all price it in that way.
My problem is speed.

Pick any host using LSCache.

And pick a good CDN to serve most parts of your site.

Also cant complain about SG :slight_smile:

Not sure i’m confident setting it up myself.
Thinking on testing Kinsta next.

NameCheap easyWP service was a really really really bad choice. Even the highest plans sucks (granted that the highest plan is $13 and not $30 which is the entry level of their competitors.

Problem is that the performance improved at first by a good ammount, then the website started to crash occasionally for like 1 minutes, reaching out to support made it worse, whatever they did kept the wenbsite down for about 20 minutes and couting

I have tried all of these and so far from my experience, WP Engine is not worth it. Their support will try to upsell you stuff and will take a long time to fix things.

Namecheap is plain garbage. Siteground is decent. I liked it for what I used. It wasn’t a dynamic WP site, just a portfolio site for the previous agency I worked for.

On the other hand, I absolutely love Kinsta. I have been using them for almost 2 years for a blog and I have no plans on moving on


My interaction with WP Engine live chat proved that.
Here’s the TLDR of how it went.

Me: Can you explain the hard limits on each plan, for CPU and RAM»?
Sales Rep: Can I see your website?
Me: Sure… [link]
Sales Rep: For your website, I advise for a custom solution
ME: How come?
Sales Rep: To sell that product, you need a dedicated solution. I just want to help you properly.
Me: Thank you, at the moment it would be helpful to know the resources allocation
Sales Rep: There are none, it’s just the visitors.
Me: I see, so a website with just a few k visitors needs a dedicated solution because?
Sales Rep: Maybe we’re not the right partner.
Me: So, you’re not going to tell me right?
… It goes on for a bit more… but he never told me.

Kinsta, he tried to sell me the 5 package website to host 1. But at least explained how their limits work. The limit is per php worker. (2 for the fist couple or so packages and then 4 workers for the other packages) So from initial interactions, I prefer Kinsta.

Namecheap. It really sucks.
Ultimately the support tech told me to go for the stellar business package, which is cheaper and gets more resources that the EasyWP Supersonic package. Go figure…
In Namecheap defense, their support reps tried their best; they do seem to be overworked but also seem to want to help as much as they can honestly. So even if there was a bump or two with the support reps, I don’t dislike the support, the hosting on the other hand… it really sucks.

yes kinsta is nice. They also use Google Cloud and you get a dedicated google ip. For emails I think the emails are routed via a third party service too like sendgrid but I prefer to use my gsuite smtp.

The thing I like the most about kinsta is their support staff. they really know what they are doing and they are experienced unlike support at wpengine.


You guys are killing me… so now I’m curious.

So right now I’m going to test the following scenarios.

MyW Litespeed + Litespeed Cache Plugin + Google CDN
MyW Litespeed + WP Rocket + WP Compress (for images compression + serving) + Google CDN (for JS & CSS).


Sounds like he saw dollar signs.

Yep, he basically wasn’t interested in discussing any specifics about how to assess my needs, all he was about was “helping me to sell that product”.

I know its a technique used by online marketeers (read: agencies pushing for social media ads management and cold emails) but wasn’t expecting such lame approach from a hosting provider.

Kinsta has lots of cool WordPress Blog Posts/Guides and tips like: WordPress and GPL - Everything You Need to Know

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MyW rocks :metal:

Do give a shot to as CDN.
Just upload statics on github and it’ll cache it forever so you can use the url

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