Singles Day/BF VPN Deals

Since @Will asked me to be on the lookout for VPN Deals this month I thought I’d post them all here as I find them.

So far I’ve found the following:

VPN Unlimited Lifetime 20$
VPN Unlimited Lifetime for 20$ at Stacksocial with Code JUST20 during checkout.
I have this plan myself since 2016 and can’t complain. The only thing that is a bit of a bother is that unlike msot VPNs that allow 5 concurrent devices, VPN Unlimited allows to register only 5 devices. If you want to use a 6th device you will need to “remove” a previous device via the dashboard. This wouldn’t be much of a hassle but the issue is you can only remove 1 device per week. To quote them:

Restrictions: use on up to 5 devices simultaneously; you can deactivate devices at any time (1 per week), to free a slot for a new device to have 5 total activated at a time.

If you are only using it for your devices you should be find. If friends wanna use it, too you’ll quickly reach the device limit. That being said I really like the VPN (they also have a Linux GUI App btw) and Flix servers, OVPN. A big plus is that unlike Ivacy/FastestVPN “Lifetime” they actually seem to stick to “lifetime” comittment. With Ivacy/FastestVPN you need to atleast contact support every 5 years to renew the lifetime license (free of charge though).

Getflix Lifetime 49,99$

Getflix Lifetime is back on StackSocial.
Getflix is what I use 90% of the time these days out of all my VPN services. Not for their VPN though, but their awesome SmartDNS which is their main service. They belong to which is priced more expensively and Getflix Lifetime only is offered once in a while. Although they focus on SmartDNS services they offer VPN service via OpenVPN as well. If you are mainly looking for a VPN and not SmartDNS (for Flix etc), then there are perhaps cheaper and better options out there.

FastestVPN Lifetime 1 Device 11,47$
FastestVPN Lifetime 5 Devices 19,99$: Click

On Stacksocial FastestVPN Lifetime alone is offered for 19,99$. However, in this Pay What You Want Bundle by beating the avg. price (11,47$) you get FastestVPN Lifetime even cheaper. Since

I have every reason to believe FastestVPN is reselling Ivacy VPN

it is a way to get the benefits of Ivacy but way cheaper. The Ivacy Lifetime Subscription is priced at 39,99$ on Stacksocial. FastestVPN now also seems to have gotten Ivacy’s feature of unblocking Flix etc with their Browser extension, so not many reasons to opt for Ivacy Lifetime instead of FastestVPN Lifetime.

Ivacy Lifetime 39,99$
Available on StackSocial. Been using Ivacy for years, too. No complaints. Live Chat is fast. Unblocks without problems. FastestVPN is most likely reselling them and cheaper so maybe opt for that one instead. Ivacy gets new features first, FastestVPN after. Potentially, Ivacy is reselling PureVPN.


Nice! Did you do any VPN shopping last year? Do you expect more (even juicer) VPN deals to come as we enter BF?

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I don’t believe Ivacy will discount their Lifetime on Stacksocial any further but StackSocial could be doing a 10-15% “sitewide” discount during Singles Day or BF. Though, unfortunately, these discounts are not always sitewide. Ivacy usually honors the sitewide deals though. But e.g. their NordVPN 3 year offer did not accept the last few sitewide discounts.

Maybe we’ll see Private Internet Access 3 years for 30-40$ on Stacksocial again. Other than that, most other VPN on Stacksocial would probably honour the 10-15% sitewide off deal. That is to say, VPNSecure,, Surfshark, R4AW VPN, Trust.Zone, Disconnect, perhaps even Nord after their security issue. Imho all VPNs that are left on the Stacksocial offer list are not better than any of the ones I’ve already mentioned though (judging by what I’ve heard about them, how they look and my own experience). PureVPN is available for 24$/year atm or 99,99$ for 5 years on their official website (no deal link needed).
However, since I do believe (see LET post) that Ivacy is reselling PureVPN and FastestVPN is reselling Ivacy/PureVPN I don’t see a reason not to opt for either Ivacy or FastestVPN Lifetime instead. Perhaps we’ll see CyberGhost VPN Lifetime pop up on Stacksocial again but don’t really consider it any better than Ivacy.

ExpressVPN/VyprVPN/AirVPN/PIA/Nord may be doing individual sales but since even Nord doesn’t seem to stick to the security standards they’ve advertised, I doubt any of the other “premium” VPNs that don’t offer lifetime will be significantly better than any of the lifetime deals mentioned above.

Honorable mention: Mullvad, and Private Internet Access.

Also Windscribe VPN is currently my favourite VPN service when I am not using SmartDNS. Lifetime is no longer available unfortunately for WS, but 3 years for around 60$ on StackSocial. Windscribe has some cool additional features, like you can set your own AdBlock DNS whitelist etc so if you ware connected to their servers you use your customized whitelist/blacklist (R.O.B.E.R.T) and they are pretty fast in adding innovating new features. Random Port Forwarding is included, too.

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Great stuff @Ympker thanks for taking the time to put this together. :smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: Hope you’ll find smth. Any questions just post. Also feel free to tell us with which VPN you went^^

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I saw the word lifetime and stopped reading.

Lifetime is a bet on whether that company will be around long enough for you to make the deal worth it. Nobody expects to get service for one’s actual lifetime. All the VPN companies I have mentioned have been around since many years and all of them I have been using for a couple of years. Now, looking at the price and what you get for it, it’ll even be a good deal if they closed shop after a year, since, like I pointed out earlier, the more expensive VPN are not significantly better.

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Think of the marriage vow while you’re reading lifetime promises.



Well, going by the latest trend that doesn’t sound promising…


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Here’s a better deal, 15usd!

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15$ for once, wont cover the costs, so I suspect they are going to sell your data.
You can get a decent VPN if you really need it, for 15-25$/y and they sure wont sell it.

Never be too sure. Not saying they don’t, but then again, no matter the provider, you never know. All of the lifetime vpn providers also offer other/regular plans where they’d yield more profit. Lifetime is probably for PR.

I actually don’t really need it. Just a advice to friends, a preparation.
I hope it will Idle forever.

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Good find :slight_smile: Never heard of ZDNET but looks like a Stacksocial clone so should be fine. I’d go with Stacksocial, still.

I check their TOS, seems they both owned by StackCommerce.
You may login ZDNET with your Stacksocial account or use the code on Stacksocial

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Haha lol

I pay $12/y for PureVPN. Never liked the Lifetime type of deals

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If you don’t care that it’s commercial IP space, Virmach actually has some pretty cheap proxy setups.

Looks like the VPN Unlimited deals are expired…they redirect to KeepSolid $50 lifetime now.

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