Simple PHP File Sharing

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I want a really simple php filesharing script (something like wetransfer) I have tried Jirafeau and s42transfer both based on the same script but am unable to get them to work (I suspect it’s a php 7 issue).

Any recommendations? I already run nextcloud, but I need something simple just to share a file to some one with a link that will expire!



2 Likes is the one you want for easy deployment over PHP

I keep it behind http auth myself though, I mean it is a PHP file manager so no guarantees on security.


Most recently I’ve been using for this. Otherwise, I just take the boring route and upload the file via SFTP, and delete it once it’s no longer needed :stuck_out_tongue:

Why not just use wetransfer?
or if you need a longer expiry date, then use onedrive. You are free to set the deadline you wish.

I like to remain in control of the data I am sharing. In this case the customer is working on something new and is a bit paranoid, so onetime downloads, data never leaving the server etc

You know that moment when you remember you had enabled php opcache across the whole server when you were troubleshooting one time?

And then you suddenly remember and it then makes sense why the installers you keep running don’t appear to work…:neutral_face::flushed:

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Onedrive allows you to add a password.
So anyone with the link needs the password to access it. OR you can share it with his account instead of a generic link.

And OneDrive is GDPR compliant. so once the file is deleted, it really gets deleted from everywhere within the service.

So unless your client is worried about Microsoft actively monitoring him and steeling his work. It should work.

I am an office 365 subscriber so onedrive is my normal go to unfortunately it doesn’t do one download unshaing which is part of the requirement

That sucks…
…I think the closest OneDrive gets to that is by giving the other party the edit ability for a folder (instead of sharing a file) which then allows that party to delete the files. is pretty solid, running the docker version now. Sample file:

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Just found Linx. It’s got some cool features.
Another test file.

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Pretty sure Linx is my personal favorite. I uploaded a video of my old band during testing. Here it is; I’m the idiot in the back with the red shirt, playing bass.
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Badass! :slight_smile:

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