Shared Hosting/Reseller Provider Comparison Chart

So since it’s always kind of a hassle to ask for the resource limits of Shared/Reseller Providers I have made a public accessible Google Doc where you can compare providers resource limits for Shared Hosting and Reseller plans as well as Disk Space & Price. I have also listed coupons that I know can be used with certain hosts. This will be updated whenever I have time to add more hosts and the time to do so. Feel free to request hosts to be added and/or tag your favourite provider to PM me the limits so I can add them :stuck_out_tongue:

To be continued:


Nice work!
I feel this could be improved a bit by essentially swapping X and Y axis.

  PRODUCT 1     | 10GB       | 500GB …
  PRODUCT 2     | 30GB       | 1500GB …
  PRODUCT 1     | 15GB       | 100GB
  PRODUCT 2     | 20GB       | 500GB

This would allow for easier comparisons IMO. Could freeze the first row and first column as well for more convenience

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I’ll consider it. However keep in mind I won’t list
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
of each provider as that’d be quite a hasslebut only:
Shared: 10GB/20GB/30GB
Reseller: 15GB/20GB

So Product 1 and Product 2 probably means Shared and Reseller eh?

Changed it according to your suggestion now :wink:


Buyshared does use LiteSpeed, but you’re table says it doesn’t. Thanks for the overview!

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Updated this :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’ll get back to you soon boss. Good list.

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Ho-ost hast been added to the list :wink:

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@Miguel considering your new “position” wink could you pm me the details (lve limits etc) required for my comparison chart so I can add Brixly? :slight_smile:


Just a small note here: Brixly has been added to the list :slight_smile:

Changelog of today:

I have updated most hosts accordingly. Added “Personal Favourite”, “The New Face” and “Last Updated” .

Added SmallWeb @MichaelCee to the list. Removed Ho-ost.

@HostDoc has mentioned that they need another week before the pricing update is “fixed” so I’ll wait for that.

@MichaelCee will help me update the chart shortly.

If any of the other listed providers here find any errors in my chart regarding the service they provide do not hesitate to PM me and I’ll get it sorted @Francisco @Nick_A

@Cam Any news regarding your shared hosting plans moving forward? :slight_smile:


Yes, I just added a $3 fee to each plan making my cheapest plan $4 w/ promo code.

Have a link to your plans? :slight_smile:

Updated @MichaelCee information^^ If you are looking to buy a SmallWeb plan it won’t hurt looking into my comparison table hint hint :wink:

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Thanks! Updated :slight_smile:

Pls add us toooooo!

Also new location coming tomorrow probably, LA.
Shh, dont tell anyone.


Pm me the details required for the table and I’ll add you guys later :wink:

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