Shared Hosting/Reseller Provider Comparison Chart


So since it’s always kind of a hassle to ask for the resource limits of Shared/Reseller Providers I have made a public accessible Google Doc where you can compare providers resource limits for Shared Hosting and Reseller plans as well as Disk Space & Price. I have also listed coupons that I know can be used with certain hosts. This will be updated whenever I have time to add more hosts and the time to do so. Feel free to request hosts to be added and/or tag your favourite provider to PM me the limits so I can add them :stuck_out_tongue:

To be continued:


Nice work!
I feel this could be improved a bit by essentially swapping X and Y axis.

  PRODUCT 1     | 10GB       | 500GB …
  PRODUCT 2     | 30GB       | 1500GB …
  PRODUCT 1     | 15GB       | 100GB
  PRODUCT 2     | 20GB       | 500GB

This would allow for easier comparisons IMO. Could freeze the first row and first column as well for more convenience


I’ll consider it. However keep in mind I won’t list
Plan A
Plan B
Plan C
of each provider as that’d be quite a hasslebut only:
Shared: 10GB/20GB/30GB
Reseller: 15GB/20GB

So Product 1 and Product 2 probably means Shared and Reseller eh?


Changed it according to your suggestion now :wink:


Buyshared does use LiteSpeed, but you’re table says it doesn’t. Thanks for the overview!


Updated this :slight_smile: Thanks!


I’ll get back to you soon boss. Good list.


Ho-ost hast been added to the list :wink:


@Miguel considering your new “position” wink could you pm me the details (lve limits etc) required for my comparison chart so I can add Brixly? :slight_smile: