🔥 [Servers.guru] Anonymous, Fast and Reliable VPS starting at => € 5.49/m <=

Hello everyone,

We are Servers.Guru, a provider of anonymous hosting.

We offer cheap, privacy friendly and reliable servers.

We offer VPS starting at :fire: € 5.49/m and cloud servers with dedicated cpu resources starting at :fire: € 29.99/m
Our hosting locations include : :finland: Finland, :de: Germany and :us_outlying_islands: USA.

We do not ask for any personal informations if you decide to pay with crypto-currencies ! Only a working email for important informations about your hosting.
Each order comes with a control-panel including power control, vnc access, and bandwidth monitoring.
We are constantly improving our services and strive to satisfy our customers :slight_smile:

We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, BNB, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Doge, USDT (erc20, trc20), BUSD as well as credit card and paypal.

We offer a modern and fully featured customer area. For each of your servers you can order add-ons including:

  • extra ips (ipv4: €4.50/m:fire: , ipv6: €1.50/m:fire: )
  • extra volumes (up to 10TB, €0.08/GB/m:fire: )
  • Backups (7 days of automatic backups, starting at: €10/m:fire: )

Here is our current super affordable offers:
:desktop_computer: VPS : https://servers.guru/anonymous-vps/

:desktop_computer: Cloud servers with dedicated CPU resources : Anonymous servers starting at €29.99/mo - Servers Guru

We resell from very reputable hosting provider in order to provide a blazing fast vps, if you don’t trust us, speed test us !

We have nothing to hide as well and are private by design, check our privacy policy

If you want more informations, don’t hesitate to reply to this thread or contact us by:
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @serversguru
Thank you for your attention :slight_smile:

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