Server Suggestions in Canada?

I’m needing some suggestions for a hybrid server box, my requirements:

32 GB Memory minimum
SSD Storage (preferred, want at least 1TB usable) Or HDD Storage (4 TB minimum), or hybrid of both (1T SSD, 4TB HDD)
Unmetered Bandwidth (1Gbps)
/29 or better IPv4
Supports full disk encryption, has IPMI available

I need this in Canada, my budget is flexible and I’d like to pay in 6 month increments, I can sign contract commitments for better deals.

OVH should be able to meet those requirements



Kimsufi/SYS BABA YAGA. (aff.) is another interesting option, depending on what you need. I still have the Mouse Storage offer from Black Friday, and it worked great so far.

Edit: tagging @hani_servarica - I did not know he’s in (HostedTalk) HostBalls.