Server Provider Which Offers 40Gbps - 100Gbps?

Hey guys, I need some advice.

I am searching for a host (like servius if possible for colocation) but a dedicated server or a VM will do completely. They need to provide:

10Gbps for less than €500 per month
40Gbps for less than €2000 per month
100Gbps for less than €5000 per month

I know this can surely be taken as a joke but it’s not one sadly. If of course there is a tbps host it also works for €50000 per month :smiley:

Thanks in advance for your help!

P.S.: Forgot to say the biggest joke (wich is still not one) it needs unlimited bandwidth meaning that i could use the full 100Gbps.

Are you searching for a server that supports 40GB/s - 100GB/s, or 40Gbps - 100Gbps? Because Those are two vastly different requests.

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FDCServers possibly if you’re okay with single-home Cogent. They have big bandwidth sales often.


Yeah, they have a 100Gbps server that looks like it would be perfect.

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Sorry fixed the title i search any server that handle 40 or 100 gb/s with no bandwidth limitation.

Let me check for that thanks for the fast answer !

Ahhhh but it’s like 1$ less than 5k XD

It would be perfect do they make sales sometimes ?

Because 5k would be exactly what i would recive for it. so i would make 1$ per month…

They do deals and sales a lot. They also like undercutting competition if you can provide a prior invoice. Worth emailing sales@

Also, 5000 USD = 4,634 EUR :slight_smile:


Yeah because my other idea is that i could take a 100 hetzner servers it would be 3’600 euros. But do you think i can even order so much machines?

I am currently laughing at this i am sure hetzner will be mad if i pull 1 gb/s on every machine during the whole month

I doubt they would really care. Ordering 100 server would probably be heavily delayed though, since they’ve been struggling to meet demand for a while now. You would be better off emailing their sales department directly.


Not sure for what you need that kind of bandwidth, however, to pull off 100Gbps of one server with only SSDs and not even an NVMe cache is not an easy task.

Personally I’d go with multiple smaller servers


Yeah, I will surely give them a ping.

@vovler Well the disks won’t even be used only ram caching will be used but now that you say it it’s true that I will need to test it out if I want to make it work.

I just saw they also offer VPS with 10 Gbps at 220$ which looks really pretty decent, since I don’t need a lot of CPU power nor SSD.

Thanks for all your answers and for helping me out as always and taking me seriously too, because I saw a few posts on LET but everyone was joking about it.

And the other issue I could have pulled 100 Gbps is for testing I would need another 100 Gbps server because theoretical limits are always easy to calculate but real limits are always something else.

Now seriously… Why would you need 100Gbps? Dont think you’re DoSing someong, for Plex you’d need a decent CPU so its not that… so is it live streaming with high number of concurrent viewers?

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There won’t be transcoding. Or if there will be the edges server will not work on it. The CPU usage is not an issue since no transcoding is applied.

(It works like a CDN).

So multiple Edges, a few origin that handles the transcoding.

Interesting, good luck with it :slight_smile:

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Yush !! I am excited about it but bandwidth pricing is scaring :stuck_out_tongue:

We can try 10G, our sales offer for unmetered is quite close :slight_smile:


We have tons of spare capacity. Any location preference?

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DataPacket can do large ports with smaller commits, they can also agg across multiple locations.
FDC can do something similar.

With that said, I’ll reiterate the question - what do you need such large ports for? It’s not easy to generate 100G traffic, you need quite a bit of processing power and clever system tuning.

What sort of software are you using? Anything using XDP or DPDK, or just plain old sockets?

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