Sending Email Through Tor?

Is it actually possible send email completely private through Tor, and without ending it in spam?

I can’t test this, maybe @Jarland has some idea about how this works.

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How about this?(no expert in mails)

You send an email through contact form or normal mail, that mail gets delivered to another mail, that one forwards it to another and another till your recipent email. No one will know where it comes from?

I don’t see how you could do it while adopting any reasonable set of standards that are used to determine the legitimacy of an email, besides perhaps DKIM (and then only when delivering to .onion addresses, if sending from one).

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I thought Tor just handled web traffic, no?

Not if you torify any application with torsocks command. The problem is I can not understand how email works, or how email can avoid the exit nodes (blacklisted?).

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Just create your “special” email adress at some webmail provider while using Tor Browser.

Keep all the actions in the web interface, no apps or desktop software.

I understand that what you ask for is a bit different, but you will only complicate the obvious.

If it was something easy and not complicated, I would have not asked here :slight_smile: - hence why I am curious about how it works, even though exit nodes are blacklisted to begin with.

That’s my real concern right there. If servera is reaching out to serverb and saying “Hi, I’m servera” but the connection comes from “cheesepizzahubexit3” then serverb says “Uhh bro, you’re not servera, you’re cheesepizzahubexit3, scam much?”

IIRC there were some Tor-based mail services some years ago (I haven’t checked for a while), all of them relied on some public-facing mail server

After a first look at that github, it seems they’re “simply” proposing to setup a transport_maps in postfix, so there’s a public-facing server with proper rDNS, not in blacklists etc etc; then the mail is delivered via onions

If that’s correct (and I don’t assume I’ve correctly interpreted their setup), I fail to see why I would fancy such a complex approach. I’m still trusting the “public facing MTA node”, at least.

Give I2P-Bote a try instead… part of I2P.

You would have to design a Tor-only based email system. Or run special mail relays which exchange mail traffic between clearnet and Tor.

the problem with those “alternative” messaging apps is that either they aren’t a drop-in replacement for mails, or their adoption doesn’t seems to have reached a critical mass.
We’re bound to emails like we’re bound to IPv4, jpeg, gif, mp3 for years to come, even if we have a better replacement for all of those

Well, “obscuring” the final hop is what it seems they’re trying to accomplish. In theory, even the public-facing MTA is unaware of the final destination of some mails “mapped” to an onion service, still it’s entirely possible for the MTA to MITM everything. There’s really no alternative if you want to reach clearnet users

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In a nutshell, You probably need something more secure than SMTP.