Self-hosted Skype alternatives

I have been using skype and whatsapp to talk with relatives that live far away. The issue has been that the connection is what one would describe as shit.

Googled for self-hosted video call software and found Tox and Jitsi.

Has anyone here used them before and can give some feedback?

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A bit of a chore to get installed, but I had great luck with synapse-matrix. Mobile app works well, as do the desktop clients. Can’t couch for Windows clients, but Linux clients are Electron based, but work well.

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i dont know about about self-hosted, i use whatsapp, actually for asia-pasific region LINE connection is far good than whatsapp.

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How about NextCloud Talk? You can host it on your server and the mobile app seems to work quite well.

Tox is more P2P, just like Ring.