Self-Hosted Personal Finance Tracking Solution?

Do you use anything other than Excel/Google Tables/Grids for that?

I looked into awesomeselfhosted GitHub and this looks very nice:

Personally, as a web Dev, I created my own :wink:
Me, the wife, parents, are able to login do their budgeting, monitor their finances, even accessible via a mobile app.

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That’s cool :slight_smile: Although I think firefly is also kinda mobile optimized and becomes kind of an app when you create a shortcut to it on your phone :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave firefly a shot awhile back, but didn’t like it and didn’t stick with it for whatever reason. There’s a way to link your bank accounts to the app, if you want, using Salt Edge (if your banks have support for it). Only a couple of mine did. Easy enough to get an API key.

It’s been over a year since I set it up and checked it out so I can’t remember what specifically I didn’t like about it. I think in the end it just was easier to handle everything in a Excel spreadsheed with my monthly expenses, due dates, etc.

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Ah, fair enough. Yeah, excel is surprisingely efficient yet simple in that regard and can also create some nice diagrams :smiley:

I also am looking for a solution as well :slight_smile:

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GnuCash. For those looking for a central repo for their family it seems that there is a web interface as well now.


Firefly is pretty solid, I’ve been using that for about a year now. Is able to track shared assets, mortgages and a lot more

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What’s the best way to install firefly?

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Not selfhosted but why hassle if you can get Wave for free…

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I’m personally running it on top of a LAMP stack, but Docker is the easiest.

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I use Firefly to track my business expenses / low end servers.

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So it does work good so far? :slight_smile:

Of course, I write every transaction with file attachments and dates.

The problem is multicurrency, only shows graphs and summarys in the main currency. At least in my current version 4.7