Self-hosted email relay (Firefox Relay)

Does anyone have any experience with self-hosted email relay akin to FireFox Relay?

I don’t know if a self-hosted setup would have the effectiveness of someone like Mozilla for email relay and cloaking. And Mozilla has decidedly made some anti-developer moves lately so I’m not all that eager to jump in to their ecosystem if they are going to openly be dicks now.

AnonAddy and SimpleLogin are both open source. I’ve never tried to host them though.

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I tried to host both and couldn’t get either one working. Just my personal experience at the time. Maybe I’m a fuck-up :sunglasses:


mxroute catch all.

That’s basically what I have now, the problem is managing it all and filtering no-longer needed addresses. It works but it’s a sledgehammer where I need a scalpel.

You can always set up a virtual alias map in postfix if you need something more precise than a wildcard redirect.

These services like AnonAddy and SimpleLogin are probably more convenient if you can get them working…

The instructions for AnonAddy are very long, but maybe these docker compose files would make it convenient:

Note: I’ve still never tried it. Maybe I should…

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I was simply playing around with them, I don’t really have any need for either one, but I like to tinker. If anyone gets one running let us know!