Seedbox provider reviews?

Hey friends,

Of heavy interest to me lately are seedbox providers. It’s recently come to my attention that they’re actually doing incredibly cool things as SaaS providers, and because of their target markets people largely seem to not realize just how incredibly interesting their offerings are.

Mostly what interests me are providers with one-click app installers, which honestly seems to be many/most of them lately. From Plex to Nextcloud. Sure most of us can roll our own, or even use quickbox/swizzin, but there’s always something nice about having someone else manage and support it.

So I’m curious to hear of your experiences with seedbox providers. Who stands out and why?

No bullshit, 10Gig connected servers.


They recently upgraded to 20gbps per host node

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Even better… :wink:

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This seems like a really cool feature


Yeah, and it works which is really nice

Does hostsolutions count? Don’t know of anyone using them for serious stuff, just to dl/seed Linux isos :stuck_out_tongue:

See this is what I’m talking about. How many of your VPS providers are doing this? These seedbox providers are laying new territory and I don’t think they get the deserved credit.

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Very highly recommend Bytesized Hosting. They offer one-click app installs, and even allow you to host their in-house script on your own server elsewhere, allowing for you to maintain the usage of one-click app installs etc. :slight_smile:

They also offer rerouting :slight_smile: Genuinely nice guys behind it too. Their primary focus is for Plex, but their seedbox functionality is still astounding.


Ashley used to do automated/managed (not sure what to call it) Plex servers as well with ZXPlay, right? Not sure if he’s still doing that after ZXHost went downhill, but that was my first exposure to something of that nature.

Bytesized is good, not the best network IMO but solid service. Have a really nice box with UltraSeedbox that I’ve been able to push 100TB with in a single month for like… $13.

Their panel is also pretty nice, 1 click app installs.


Few VPS providers have their own multihomed network, which means few of them have the capability to do this.

I’m also of the opinion that a normal user with a normal VPS does not need nor want to mess around with routing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a really cool feature as I said, but I don’t think it’s worth it for a general VPS provider to implement.

How are they reacting towards DMCA stuff?

I wouldn’t do releases on their servers, but they’re fine with public torrents.

I will second @Harambe. Ultraseedbox is probably the best in terms of value right now. I rekon they were also working on a reroute feature when I stopped using them. Feral used to be good, and might be good now, but I remember them having lots of problems a few months ago when they first got opened again. Pulsedmedia is also pretty good for the price.

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I’ve added a second network, Yisp, because people were having issues with Feral’s network. They also offer rerouting and are one of the biggest networks in the Netherlands.

If you have any other feedback keep it coming!


@Animazing - great to see you here!


What’s up @Animazing? Google alerts summon you here? :stuck_out_tongue:

Will have to give it a go, heard good things about Yisp. Assuming this is on the Appbox Stream plans?

Haha no, I actually got invited here over twitter! Decided to check things out :}

I have one +Stream test server on Yisp and the new +Elastic (build your own plan, plan) is on Yisp as well. (and the new VPS plan as well but that’s a different flavor I guess)

Well hope you stick around. Should post an offer thread as well :slight_smile:

Any plans to revamp the unmetered offering? My Plex server is in NA, so the Stream/Elastic plans aren’t as interesting, but cheap bandwidth is always welcome