Seedbox preferences?

I know we all enjoy keeping information free by distributing open source content, like Linux ISOs. What do you guys use for your seedbox? Scripts like QuickBox? Seedbox provider? What hosts do you use for it?

Dedicated machine for my Plex box, streaming the hottest ISOs. For that I use Atomic-Toolkit from the htpcbeginner guys, basically take an empty ubuntu box then run their bash script that lets you pick & choose software (plex, deluge, rtorrent, sabnzbd, sonarr, etc). Not as user friendly as Quickbox (no GUI), but it’s really easy to manage.

Then I also have a 10GigE unmetered plan with Ultraseedbox in NL. Shared seedboxes can be totally hit or miss, but with my little $12 1TB plan I’ve been able to push over 75TB up in a month with some tweaking of my Deluge config.

Just a simple deluged & deluge-web install is what I typically do.

Don’t really seed too much. But I proxy all the traffic using TorGuard unless using a provider like HostSolutions.

Why web? The thin client is fantastic, one of the main reasons I always pick deluge.

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Honestly have never tried the thin client or really looked into it before. Put web on the first box I put deluge on and stuck with it. Willing to give the thin client a try though.

It’s fantastic. Basically just download the deluge client on your local machine and tweak a few settings, then you get a ‘connection manager’ box to easily switch between your boxes running deluge. Love it because it’s not as heavy as leaving the web client open if I want to monitor traffic and stuff, easy to add .torrent files or paste in magnet links etc.

Side note: if you play with it, the thing that tied me up the most was that you need to add a non-default user + pass to your deluged auth config file then restart the daemon. I must’ve skipped some steps but boy was that annoying. Also need to enable remote connections under your main config and make sure the (separate) daemon port is open - which I just open up for my home/VPN IPs.

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Cheers, thanks! I’ll give a shot one of these days.

I started working with this tonight to try it out, it’s basically “what if quickbox was less bulk and performed faster.”

So far so great.


Still have a web interface? Sounds too fancy :stuck_out_tongue:


Only if you choose it

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Sounds like it’s pretty much the same thing then. Will give it a go next time I’m playing around with an empty server.

looks interesting

I use a Dedi that I manually configured. rtorrent/rutorrent rather than deluge, although both are installed and active.

I don’t do it a lot, in the last month its 130GB down, 2.4TB up.

I just install transmission and use transmission remote gui.

I just run Plex, Sonarr, Radarr, Transmission on a $15 Kimsufi. Haven’t had a problem, no connection issues, buffering, etc. Only limit is the 2TB drive but by the time I hit that I’ll have internet that can stream outside of the house so it’ll be moved by then.

I have a cheap Scaleway (ARM64-2GB I think?) instance with rtorrent installed on it, then I manually transfer to a dedi with Plex installed (which I don’t want to use for torrenting).

My preferred Linux-ISO-sharing platform is definitely rTorrent with the ruTorrent front end. ruTorrent is just so damn clean and web-accessible, I’ve not really needed to try anything else. All the downloaded files go into a password protected www if I ever need to download something quickly off it. ruTorrent is also cool that it easily lets you generate stream:// URLs you can throw into VLC, though I haven’t had much use for it with my ISOs yet.

I tried QuickBox several times, but ran into a random load of issues (as I hear is somewhat common). I used to pay for Bytesized Hosting’s packages (highly recommend them), however I’ve since moved away as I rely almost entirely on Plex Cloud.

To setup a seedbox for Linux ISO’s now, I just rent any decent VPS (currently using NetCup, moving over to Kimsufi soon) and run the Bytesized Connect installation script. Imagine if QuickBox just worked for everything and was essentially bugless? That’s what Bytesized Connect is. Definitely worth a look.

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Deluge for initial seeding & rtorrent with the rutorrent interface for long-term seeding.

Whilst I kinda prefer Deluge, it craps out at ~1500-2000 torrents.

No, most of those scripts just add overhead bloat - though I would if I was keeping the box for a short period.

Keep a really small (50GB) box in France for legacy reasons, though I usually avoid seedbox providers.

Mostly a Leaseweb reseller, I managed to snag a couple of legacy 10gbps boxes

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