Scaleway's Growth

Guys, what’s your take on the growth of Scaleway?
They are adding a lot of services… I think they are moving way faster than everyone else…

Only point of concern with them is stock. How is the situation with the new Epyc based VPSes with them? Same old “out of stock” or better? Besides that, it’s quite interesting how many cloud services they are offering: managed DBs, load balancers etc.

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Adding a lot, does not mean they grow a lot.
People tried the cloud they have/had and some parts where rated as shit.

I get the sense that they’re trying to shake off their old business model and find a new one that works for them, but haven’t gotten quite there yet.

Maybe, but by adding lots of services they keep getting more attractive.
I doubt that this addition of new service is not bringing them new business, maybe not enough…

I did try to find their results but all I checked several of their public docs and they rarely even mention their brands. The only mention I got about Scaleway in their docs publication is when they explain what their b2b offers are.

$$$ results I could find were always group wide and focused on their mobile and fiber offers. So… idk… this could be an indicator that these brands Scaleway and Online are not that important to them, but on the other hand they must be spending top dollar in these offerings so… it doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

Why? They never removed anything, just keep adding…