Scaleway Vs Hetzner

So, I know eveyone likes Hetzner, me included.
But i’d like to know your thoughts about how Scaleway and Hetzner differ.

I have a good experience with both… so me wonders.
I like both dashboards…
…I really fancy that Online is gearing towards consolidating everything into one dashboard (dedis and cloud).

I haven’t properly played around with Scaleway’s new dashboard yet, but I liked their old one. Both Hetzner and Scaleway offer great dashboards with great functionality, but I’m personally drawn to Hetzner as I’ve had problems deploying VPS’ with Scaleway when they’ve been overloaded, to the point where if a VPS was stopped, it could take hours before I could bring it back online.

Nowadays I only ever go to Scaleway if I need something location-specific.

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Btw just notiecd that with online, some offer are only available within the console.

Does not show up on the frontend. That kinda sucks…

Used scaleway to test their ARM babydedis. Only used it for a few days. And then recently got fucked by when they increased prices of an on-sale server (that included a setup fee) just a couple months after having the sale… then pull the asshole move of having another sale of the same-spec’d server a bit after that. Left a bad taste in my mouth so I probably won’t ever touch their products again.

Besides… Hetzner has a far superior network and specs for the price.


They did the same to me (offer price hike) ,but honestly… It’s still a good price…
Paying €15.99 for a dedi with 1TB HDD & 8GB Ram. I don’t think Hetzner or anyone can beat that. Even so, it was a douche move… price hikes on old hardware…

Their cloud worked pretty nice for me, I only had an issue with them a few months back when they locked an instance due to a DDOS attack. I submitted a support ticket and within 9 minutes (just checked the timestamps) my instance was unblocked and an explanation given.

I like both providers. Pretty good and reliable from both sides.



If I were to nitpick I’d say Hetzner has a bit better uptime than Scaleway (from my own experience), but can’t say I’ve had any major issue with either.

When it comes to support, I’ve only ever used Hetzner’s support, which is great; never used Scaleway’s support.

Scaleway is behind NAT crap, so its meh.
DHCP dies sometimes in a Year, everything stops working then.

Hetzner some people reported issues like server gets rebooted and stuff.
Still I would pick Hetzner over Scaleway.

I am not a cloud user, just my experince what I read.

I had a Hetzner cloud instance restarted 2-3 times, because the node it was on was restarted. It always came back after less than 5min, apart from that no issues in almost a year.

With Scaleway I always had issues with their (previous) console, it was taking a very long time to stop / destroy instances sometimes, but perf were ok but not great (a lot of steal CPU on their vps)


Scalway closed my account and stopped all of my inatances without any notice nor giving me any reason . I opened A ticket and they never gave me any reason or clue. they did not even give me my data. I had the worst experience ever. now I am on hetzner and more than happy with their service.

This is one of my machines at hetzner: