Salesforce Vs Hubspot

Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if any of you have any experience with Salesforce, and, or Hubspot.
I currently use ERPNext, and I’m mostly happy with it but they are becoming too focused into gobling verticals instead of polishing their current product, one upgrade even deleted some of my documents… (indicates rush), and someof their current “solutions” are inadequate but again, they prefer to dedicate efforts into new features instead of polishing what they currently have.
Plus, I’m getting the feeling that what started as a community project is fast tracking into a commercial venture (kind like what happened with Odoo) and I suspect that its going to be something along the lines of Virtkick.

Somertimes its not what you say, but how you say it.

The first options that came to mind is vTiger, I used it a few years ago… but meh…
Odoo is pretty much like ERPNext.

Hubspot, I’ve heard good things…
and… Salesforce just signed a deal to buy Mulesoft for 6.5bn, so I guess they must have a good product to be able to muster such deals.

What’s your experience?

Salesforce is taking over the world and with reasonable cause. I wouldn’t call their products beautiful or “favorite” but the words “compete solution” would come out of my mouth when talking about them.

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I noticed after posting this topic that Hubspot actually have an integration app for Salesforce. What?!

Both products are expensive as hell…

Baaaah, do not remind me on Hubspot, I used it once, awfull shit.

My brother worked at Hubspot for a ~Year. My dad also uses them for his company’s customer acquisition.(Website, Email marketing, Ect.) I haven’t used them myself, yet, but I have only heard good things.
If you have any questions I would be happy to try to get an answer for you!

That’s very nice of you to offer :slight_smile:
I do have a question, does their “prospect” tool, works well?

I’m wondering because the couple services I know offering that data are expensive, and Hubspot is including it in heir free tier.

For those that do not know what their prospect tool is.
The prospect tool is an analytics tools, but it’s focus seems not to be to “count” visits, but insteast, to be to identify what company is visiting you. For example, if someone from Frannytech visits your website, Hubspot will identify it and will along with the company name, give you some other details like phonenumber, social profiles, year founded, min/max revenue, among other detailed related to that company.

My dad thinks it is very good. Let me if you have a specific question.

My specific question is if it’s accurate.
If it really pinpoint the companies visiting the website.

What plan/tier is your dad using?

You would basically mass email a link to your landing page and the page would drop cookies into their browser to track where they are from/where they go. (Yes it does work and is accurate)

My dad uses the Professional tier.

We used Salesforce for a bit and here is my take. It does a million things…most of which I dont need or care about and require a trained SF expert to integrate and setup…and manage. The few things I want a CRM to do are a pain to setup, probably require a SF expert to manage, and cost extra money. Every time we called SF for help they told us we just needed to spend more money. I really think to use SF well you need a full time or at the least a part time employee whose is an expert with it and can spend a good part of every week managing it.

Hubspot, have never used it BUT I read Dan Lyons book Disrupted which centers around live at Hubspot and it is one of the best books I have read in years. A must read guys. Hilarious.

What are you using now?


By the way. if anyone is interest to test drive Salesforce full set of features and without a time constrain.
Apply for the dev version. I think the only limitations is in terms of how many emails you can send thru their marketing tools.

Can confirm this at scale. Just toss anyone who thinks they’ll brute force into mastering it a complex task to be completed via nested SOQL queries.

I’ll be checking that one, one thing I like about Hubspot is the Prospects function.
It helps identify from what company that visitor was from.

Did you mean Copper AKA ProsperWorks?

Yes that is what I meant. We are looking at giving Hubspot a shot however…just to see if the grass is any greener.

working with hubspot on a daily basis at the moment. like it so far as it works quite good in a lot of different fields related to marketing and sales I’d say.
and they are making progress every other day so that’s a bonus too. can’t compare price-performance ratio though as I have no real long term experience with any of those tools.

however I guess it heavily depends on your expectations regarding the feature set you need in your use case. there’ll always be things that one tool is superior over another but that won’t help if you’re mainly using totally different features :wink:

I’ve colleagues and, let’s say, people really close to me in both SalesForce and SAP and they try to convince me to shill for either SaaS or on-premise, “complex” solutions w/ ERP + bells + whistles, depending on my contacts (and on the likelihood they’ve a management prone to accept more or less expensive solutions for needs they didn’t know to have). Thankfully I don’t have the bane of dealing with a bunch of customers, marketing and whatnot. I’ve interacted with SalesForce and I didn’t really like it. I’ve never used hubspot but it seems sleek and more suited for small businesses. Colleagues in some regional mid++ business are totally dependant on SalesForce and they love it. Can’t say the same for hubspot. Go figure. I don’t have contacts using Copper afaik.

Absolutely, I don’t think it’s that nice until you’re a mid-size+ business & in need of those extra-functionalities; they constantly try to recruit and train more or less experienced sysadmins so they can be that