SaaS deals

I only follow AppSumo and I found a deal that I will be getting and that I’d like to share with some of you.
From the recent lifetime deals ( on CRO/Chat bots/etc…) that were shared and discussed I though it would be great to have a dedicated thread that aggregates all of this.

What other SaaS deal websites you have your eye on?

The deal in question that I’ll be getting is


Looks interesting.

Not this again.


I already invested way to much in SEO related products…last time it costed me $420… so I’m skipping that one.

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An aggregator of deals.
But I was already warned not to buy anything promoted on ZVZoo .
I’ve heard bad stuff about Pitchground too
And SaaS Mantra owner banned me because of the questions I made (which you are to blame for hahaha)

As for AppSumo, check their facebook page, not everything is going smooth.

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All of these offers that you guys keep sharing…are any of these products really worth it? They seem like a waste of time and money to me.

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Can you share some details please? I don’t have a Facebook account.

Even if the SaaS Mantra owner doesn’t inspire me any confidence at all (any business owner that is afraid of questions and shuts down a conversation, makes me weary), I kind like Omniconvert so I’m probably getting it. Omniconvert isn’t his so…
…even if Onniconvert business tactics ain’t spotless either. It seems the once had a deal at AppSumo that was pulled off, because they were offering just a little buit more than their free tier. And recently they were offering a 50k views for free deal, they downgraded that to 5k (for new accounts) and soon after launched the TLD.
But still, 200k views for $200 one time isn’t that shabby of a deal. I think.

I only got a few deals… so on most of them I haven’t yet make up my mind about them being a good investment or not.
But there’s one I think it’s totally worth it, and that was LiveAgent.

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So people are complaining that some of the companies than ran LTDs with AppSumo are downgrading their accounts.
Seems that the preferred method is to create new tiers and then link the LTD plans to lower tiers to then strip these buyers from features they used to have and keep new features away from them even if they had promised that they would get the world.

AppSumo owner last week or so, did warn people that they are buying what is on the deal description and that AppSumo won’t be enforcing whatever the creators are promissing or hitting in the Q&A. So there’s that.

The latest complain is about , when they ran the LTD, one of the features was the uptime checker, which checked every 1m, kept logs, the works. And now, they changed that to 60m checks, so… people ain’t happy, and AppSumo shutdown the comments.

I guess I’ll go with serpscope. It lacks many features but it doesn’t restrict the number of keywords and it’s free

Dude… if you need some checking, let me know and I’ll run a report for ya (with competitors, localized, et all), I’ll even make it an active project so that we can rerun over time and see the progress. you will end up having to meet me sometime in the future to pay me a beer, but that’s all.

Btw, it seems that omniconvert haves an integrations for Yandex Metrica, so I’m grabbing that deal. Even if I dislike SaaS Mantra owner… oh well, gonna bite that bullet and hope for the best.

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Its all good, I’ve already setup serpscope plus cron on my virmach windown vps. But thanks for the offering :slight_smile: