RunCloud Vs ServerPilot

Generally curious what service you prefer and why.
Personally RunCloud and its unlimited servers for $10/month is hard to beat.

ServerPilot is iOS
RunCloud is Android

ServerPilot is easy without many options and only works with DO.

RunCloud has a bunch of options and works with any server.

Works only with DO??? I’ve got multiple servers on serverpilot from different providers

They seem to work others now, when I tested them they only ran with DO. They even still only advertise DO in the Features tab.

I still think RunCloud paid has more configuration options, and i like more the their UI.

I have a runcloud account from their BF promo, but I’m pretty much just using EasyEngine or rolling my own setup. has just released multidomain support which may change a few things up

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Cloudron looks amazing, it offers automatic installations for pretty much everything! Does anyone here use it? I’m looking into it now, but they don’t have a lot of information on their website about what they provide. Is it just the their admin panel, or also the SSL and firewall management like Runcloud and ServerPilot?

Oh wow! They even offer email hosting, that’s incredible :slight_smile:

Have you tried out Cloudways? Pricing and product is similar to RunCloud, but it has some really good features. The main feature of Cloudways is that users can launch PHP hosting server or managed cloud infrastructure, like AWS and Google cloud, in just one click. This saves a lot of time and efforts for everyone. This is especially good for users who do not have sysadmin experience.