RSS Feed Help


So this topic is about getting some suggestion / advice regarding RSS.

I need to get let’s say the RSS feed of around 50 websites and show them to my website with ‘latest’ filter and/or limits to a RSS feed per website.

Any library or something which is already created to do this easy and fast?


Check out any here yet?


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Looks right… let me just check

God damit github,

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Just bombed for me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Use the archived page in the mean time til GitHub sorts their shit out –

What I do is crawl external feeds, and build a local cache, then do an if-modified-since every few hours, and if not, just show local serialized data.

Then again, the last time I bothered was several years ago. Shit on autopilot; nobody uses RSS anymore.

Actually all these are more intended for personal use, i would like to put my own RSS websites feed, and the client would not be able to remove or add any.

Get my point?

Yeah, I get what you’re trying to do. I was just trying to give you a decent starting point in case any options existed on that list that would fit the bill. I didn’t check them out myself, though, so it’s unfortunate that none of the options are up for the task.