Roundcube 1.4 Release

This is quite a release, and a long time coming. Check it out:

The release notes: Roundcube 1.4.0 released


Damn, that looks sick!

Not a minor change!

One of the good thing unlike the previous versions the default skin is responsive unlike the Larry skin which looked awful on a mobile device.

Wow. My eyeballs aren’t burning. That’s a start


It’s a shame it’s such a damn resource hog and annoying to manage. Aren’t all of the cool kids using Mailcow these days?

Rainloop over here :slight_smile:


I do, but with Roundcube for webmail. I find it’s quicker in browsers running on slower machines than SOGO.

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I remember the days where it was either squirrel/horde or roundcube. I always chose roundcube. This refresh might make me change over from rainloop.

RoundCube’s a resource hog? And annoying to manage?
(I never managed it myself I think, that what we have @Jarland for?) :laughing:

UI wise I actually prefer RoundCube 1.4 over Rainloop. (Which I have been managing myself.)

I seem to find rainloop better. More modern, faster somehow.

I really wish DA had native rainloop support.

But HolyBallz! Round cubes new update is looking tasty af. I don’t think it is still part of DA.

Squirrel mail anyone? Yes ? No? I will show myself out.

This’ll fix you up:

These modifications are totally supported, won’t break your install, and will update properly:

cd /usr/local/directadmin
mv custombuild custombuild_1.x
wget -O custombuild.tar.gz
tar xvzf custombuild.tar.gz
cd custombuild
./build all d
./build rewrite_confs


cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build update
./build clean
./build roundcube

Note if you’ve manually edited config files that are managed by DA, rather than using custom includes, the first round above is going to replace them. You most likely haven’t done that.


When I tried it before, it didn’t work (user accounts needed to be added manually)

But what exactly do I need to change to get the new RoundCube? I have my fair share of customizations and would rather not mess with the whole thing, if I can get by with adding changes manually.

I did a full da update last night and I might have missed something?

Go to hostname.tld/rainloop/?admin

Use “admin” and “1234” as user/pass. Change those in settings. Go into domains and add a new domain, use only an asterisk for the domain name. Set IMAP/SMTP servers to the local hostname, done.

It’s mainly just using custom build 2.0 and then having it update/rebuild roundcube. It’ll pull the latest updates then.

Needed to add existing users :/. And If I recon correctly, there were no “icon” for it on the DA panel to link and direct enduser without manual theme changes.

And thanks, let me look into the roundcube update :slight_smile:

Yeah you just have to tell it to use any domain (wildcard) and only auth against the local server, then any user can log in. I used the in-panel editor for the new theme to add a link to it. Can’t do filters or password changes in it but some customers still like it.

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Wow, big hype for this, hope it will be better than other versions in terms of performance

Awesome! I remember when Roundcube was first released (2006 maybe)? I installed it on my cPanel server as soon as it was available as a cPanel integration. It was a nice change from Squirrelmail.

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