Review Our Website Design 2.0


I took on board all of the last reviews of the site, can I take this moment to thank you again for the continued support. Having said that, I am pleased to announce the newly site - things just even more simpler and cleaner. Do let me know your thoughts and look forward to hearing from you.

Newly website:

Thank you!

Looks nice. Clean and functional. Who’s the Natty Dread?

Pretty sure this is not intended? Looks like I’m missing text, next to having a giant black box without anything inside.

Totally intended.

I'm Mason



Joke’s on you, pal, my mouse has hyper efficient scrolling!


Don’t you know that black boxes are the new craze ?

You only need some webdesigner glasses to unsdertand it :

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Why does this give some ‘envato’ type of feeling. Maybe same color as envato’s brand color?

Anyway looks good.

I’m working on it! Apologies!

Joker :wink:

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Thank you for taking the time! Much appreciated.

And extreme similarity to OnApp brand. And the old OnApp logo colour. More feelings here…

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Thanks for your feed back. This has been resolved.