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Reverse IP Lookup by HostingChecker

Hey guys, I have been working on an app that brings all the domains hosted on the same IP address.

It could be useful for a lot of research from checking how many other sites are hosted on the same IP on a shared hosting company to checking for vulnerabilities or spam on the neighbourhood domains.

Of course, if the domain is behind a reverse proxy like Cloudflare you will see the domains asscoiated with the IP of the proxy (so not very useful, but still you can see what the outside world sees)

There are a lot of these on the web, so how is this tool better?

  • It is free (up to 1000 results on the web and all of them if you contact me for non-commercial projects)
  • We have a database of 250mln live domains so we return many more results from the other tools (you can give it a go and check for yourself)
  • It is constantly updated

We are working on an api, but it is not live yet.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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I searched “”, and it returned around 9K domains which almost none of them pointing to that specific address. Or is the site returning every domain that is pointing to the same ASN?

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As I have mentioned above, if the domain is behind a reverse proxy, you will only see all the domains hosted behind the dns of the reverse proxy (because this is what they do.) Here is a good article on Cloudflare that explains that. Reverse proxies are companies like Cloudflare, Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly and so on.

You can still see the domains that are hosted behind the same IP address and in case of bad reputaion domains (such as porn, gambling, pharma etc.) you can request to be moved to another DNS cluster.

How our tool works?

We scan all the active domains from all the zone files (around 250mln currently) and we put the IP addresses in a database. Then each query returns the domains we have found with the same IP address.

You can’t really find the real IP of the server behind the proxy unless you do a lot of manual digging. And even then, if it is hidden well, you can’t find the IP of the server where the content is hosted (which is actually the idea behind the reverse proxy.)

This looks good, outdated for our server’s ip tho, but I like this, it’s also pretty darn fast.

Wow, HostingChecker is your site? It’s my preferred site to perform WHOIS Lookups. Much faster than HostAdvice or WhoIsHostingThis.

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Seems the records for my web hosting boxes are outdated as well. Though, as MikePT said it’s really fast :smiley:

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It’s work still in progress. Trying to make it better. The database should be refreshed every 7 days at the current schedule, but if it is older than this, if you guys dont mind to pm me the ip-s and examples of domains that are not up to date and I ll look into it and make some improvements to the scraper.

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Yep impressively fast, considering the 250bl results in the DB, it’s awesome.

@GeorgeG is there any premium or something that could perhaps refresh the results per IP? Just an idea.