Retro Computing - How We Survived

For us old folk who live in the past “sometimes”. If it existed before Y2K.

The right to make fun of someone who is beng stupid.

I posted this in hopes of a Retro Computing related thread. Or anything in General before Y2K I guess. Yes I miss that right to call people for what they are. I’m really not trying to be totally stupid. If there is one already I overlooked, this thread can be kill -9’ed.

The right to make fun of someone being stupid was something that existed before Y2K.

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I dunno. Like for example.

My first Domain Registrar and Host back in 1998ish.

I never claimed to be the brightest bulb in the box. I still can’t tell if that’s a dig at me. LOL.

InteNIC. $35/yr for a domain, 2 years at a time.

From 9-17 I used a Commodore 64 and sometimes my Dad’s old ass IBM. From 17-24 I didn’t have a computer at all. Just a Motorola Pager. Didn’t get back into computing until about 1997.

Thanks for changing the topic Title. The other Title could have started too many arguments. It was also in no way excluding younger people from discussing or chiming in on this thread. I wasn’t sure to use Millenial or Millenium or Y2K or Millenium Falcon (PRE 1977). This works fine thanks.

Edit: Oh Shit. Was the Millenium Falcon in the first Star Wars? Is that really the first Star Wars or Number 4? Meh fuck it. Star Trek is better.


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When Phones sounded like a phone.

Here comes the litmus test…

I trashed everything from my childhood and regret it deeply. But I purchased another of my first CPU on eBay not too long ago so I’d never forget where it all started.

I had a wall old 286 systems too. I’d get them at garage sales and fix them up for fun, sometimes sell them.


Hehe. I think my pops IBM machine was a 286 FFS. All I did was play Lakers vs. Celtics and Infocom games.


Since 1999. Qualifies.

In a land post-SID, and pre-MP3, there were MODfiles.

They were used pretty extensively in the early-90s on multiple platforms- starting on the Amiga, and being used everywhere - PC, (rarely) Mac, Atari, including translations to NES/SNES and other platforms.

One of the better known sets:


Videos are gone from website. But nothing is gone forever…

First game I remember playing…


I wish I never sold my Cinco MIDI Organizer.

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First Golf game for me. Still great today.

That lip out on #1 was bad luck. :slight_smile:

Network Solutions, $100 /yr… that was 1995, when i could still reg 3 letter .COM

That $100 was a good deal for those… buy and hold, till 1999 - 2001