Reseller Hosting Special (DirectAdmin in EU)

Hi there guys,

It’s been a week since we launched MyW. It’s been operating well, feedback has been great, so it’s time to invest in the core infrastructure. Here’s a special for you:

Reseller Entry
Unlimited Accounts
DirectAdmin, MailChannels, LiteSpeed, LSCache, CloudLinux, Softaculous and Let’s Encrypt.
40 EUR / Year (plus VAT if applicable).
Location: Falkenstein, Germany, EU

Order now (Discount applied in the checkout)

Note: This promotion was already active, but wasn’t advertised much. We have around 26 slots as of now.

CloudLinux limits:

200% CPU
4096 IOPs
10MB/s Disk
50 Entry Processes
200 Processes

Enjoy guys.

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This is SSD based?

Yes, it is :slightly_smiling_face:

Server specifications:

E3 1246v3
4x1TB SSD @ RAID 5


Oooh. That’s decent; how do you cap the 2vCPU? Just standard CL build settings?

I don’t really care, but some folks can be noisy. Still, that price can’t be beat!


CL Limits, that is, 200%.
We really don’t like limiting people, the only reason CloudLinux is installed is to avoid a noisy neighbour taking the whole server down. Also, CageFS is awesome in case you provide SSH access (which we do, via ticket).

Feel fre to order! :smiley:

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Which TLDs are you offering registration of?

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Not many, all listed here: MyW - Register your domain name

If you have any interest for a particular TLD simply let me know and I’ll see what I can do. I can’t just lose many days adding the hundreds of TLDs that nowadays exist… :stuck_out_tongue:

I just mean recognized, country-wide TLDs. I already have my .buzz. Cheers!

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Ahh got it, we offer .pt,,, I think we could offer .es and .eu, are you looking for any other TLD? Give me an example and I’ll check. :slight_smile:

Just to confirm do you offer whitelabel name servers? Is LiteSpeed now sucessfully working also as I know this was previously being worked on?



Confirmed. White label nameservers, and LiteSpeed is rocking with LSCache and LiteMage license too. :slight_smile:


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