Request $7/year SSD KVM, NAT ok

Just saying we need something like this. A bit above the lowendspirit category and a little more modern, but still without dedicated ipv4.

Let’s say: 512MB ram, 5-10GB SSD, ipv6 subnet of any size, small cpu share with reasonable burstability, and some NAT ipv4 ports, at $7/year. By all means, block outgoing email and other abuse vectors.

I’d buy one but am mostly posting to say there is demand for the category. My location preference is western US.

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Just curious, what would you use such machine for?

Meh, same thing as all the other idlers I guess. I was thinking of a nextcloud chat server or similar, but that probably takes a bit more resources. I liked low end spirit back in the day though, so it’s basically an updated version, and a response to some of the ultra cheap LXC and similar VPS that I’ve been seeing lately. Dedicated ipv4 often doesn’t matter that much. SSD is really important these days though. HDD servers with large numbers of users are painful.


NanoKVM, FreeMach, and LetKVM should all meet your requirements (except for the price and SSD).

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I do have a NanoKVM but its original intended purpose was testing VestaCP and I ended up using a Vultr instance for that. So it’s just idling now, which isn’t “legitimate”, so I told @Neoon that he could give it to someone else who would actually use it. I guess I should just get a CLI tool running that launches a DO or Vultr instance from a stored snapshot, for the occasions when I want a knockaround VM to test something on.

+1 for 7$ KVM.

If the server doesn’t have to be up 24/7, you could try cloudjiffy from leapswitch. Only billed when the server is running (turned off instances are free), and the pricing model is great too (pay for resources you use, first 20GB storage and 720GB outbound data is free).

iirc Lunanode also does free-when-off (except for the IP address cost), and you can ‘shelve’ the VM so you only have to pay for storage.

Lunanode seems really great but they are in eastern Canada and I’d want west coast US. I’ll check if Leapswitch has that but I’m pretty happy with Vultr and DO for that sort of thing. I shed a lot of idlers in the last year so really I’m better off not letting them pile up again though.

In all honesty, black Friday is just around the corner. You should probably hold off till then if possible.

Thanks for mentioning that, I have one (OpenVZ but that’s ok) that I forgot about from last black friday.

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