Remote Development Environment

I’m trying to setup Grav, so my wife can create a blog to share stuff with our extended family.

She is tech savvy but not a developer. She’s currently using a Mac.

My idea is to setup Grav in a VM on our home server as a development environment, push the changes to a private Github repo and pull the changes to a VPS once she is happy with the changes.

I know Grav can be edited via the Admin portal but I think eventually she may need to edit files directly.

I though about some options:

  • VS Code + SSH
  • Atom + a remote editor plugin + Github plugin
  • map remote folder via SSHFS, VS Code/Atom

Any suggestions and experience from a similar setup?

I used to do the same but these days I’m not even touching the Grav as I’m lazy.

But when I did local docker for the environment + VScode + Dropbox folder + rsync are the way go.

But if you fancy code revision I would suggest going with github.