Recommended VPS Providers with WHMCS Support?

Hello! I’m new in Web Hosting Business. Started selling Shared Web Hosting already. I want to list VPS & Dedicated servers on my website. I Want to know some good VPS/Dedicated server providers I can choose?

You want to resell VPS? Or you want to provide the servers yourself? It depends on the location too.

For reselling and US, I think Anynode has some resources for it.

But first, are you sure you are ready for that job?

You know how annoying it is to find ~/public_html/wordpress/cache/tmp/r00tsh3ll.php?

Now consider these people will be intentionally doing the same…

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I want to resell VPS


LET is spoiling HB :face_with_head_bandage:

on other hand check they had some offer on LET

We do alot with resale/wholesale VPS services. (not publicly released yet)


Selling a VPS is a lot more involved than another cPanel host. There’s a lot of administrative things you WILL have to learn other than just rebuilding the IP pool and moving people when it breaks.

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