Recommended Hosts in South America?

Does anyone have any experience with server providers anywhere within South America? Most of our servers are in Europe and realistically we need a few over there for a new brand opportunity. Preferably with 1Gbit lines.

Hetzner obviously.

Sure, but Hetzner aren’t in South America.

Oh wait, that was South Africa not South America ups.

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Where exactly do you need in South America?

The last host I had contacted (I think in 2014) was and they were great. But I don’t remember why I did not proceed with them for one of my client who wanted a PoP in South America.

Anyways, I have their CEO in my LinkedIn network and he seems to be active so perhaps they are reliable.

They are reliable as well:

Most probably you will find something in Brazil or Chile.

Telefonica could be one in other countries. And most probably will be expensive with the worst reliability.

Psychz has dedicated servers in São Paulo:[]=7391&cpuCores=&OrderServiceSearch[location]=&OrderServiceSearch[location][]=SAO


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Why not Miami?

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He’s not trying to have products shipped?

VPS.NET has new peerings there