Recommended (dirt cheap) VPS in Atlanta?

Hey ballers,

I’m looking for a dirt cheap VPS in Atlanta (really important!).

Specs don’t really matter (it could be a VPS with 32MB of RAM with 2BG of disk running on Hyper-V for all I care), it just needs a “good” network (even if limited to 50GB/month) and 1 IPv4 (NAT doesn’t work).

I’ll use it as a SOCKS proxy for when I’m at work, only light casual browsing.

I’ve found following offers:

Can you think of anything else? :smiley: I doubt there will be anything cheaper, but who knows :man_shrugging:

HostUS OpenVZ 512MB @ $13.26/yr

Change billing to yearly. Add promo code ‘JULY2018’

Also was going to suggest @gestiondbi, but it looks like Atlanta is out of stock at the moment.

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Pretty sure Ishaq with BudgetNode has something going there with Quadranet.

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Thanks, I’m going to check the three suggestions :blush: