Recommendations for VPS Providers With 100% Uptime?

Can you tell us the companies that provide 100% uptime? For vps

Server is machine,
machine have downtime
Even google cloud are only 99.99%
make a failover might be the solution.


100% agree with that. Not even a Bank would guarantee you that.
You can buy a 100% SLA and you may get some money if they don’t give you the promised uptime.
Also, if you have an SLA, usually it’s tied to a certain metric, eg. the Server Uptime. The Network might be failing but you won’t get credit as your server is running.

Build a HA cluster, do geo-replication and Backups etc… And if you really need almost 100% uptime, be ready to invest some more money than for a generic VPS.

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As others have pointed out guaranteeing 100% uptime is unrealistic. Our uptime monitoring page is here and we provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee with service credits if we fall short of this. You can view our VPS packages here if you’re interested: VPS Hosting UK | Virtual Private Servers From £3.49 - Hostworld.

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AWS East Coast:

Had 100% uptime for 2+ years now, absolutely no unplanned downtime. Only took it down on planned maintenances for upgrades/testing, but it has had no unplanned downtimes.

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Linode is good and has automated live migration in the instance of maintenance, so zero downtime.

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%99 uptime. Besides working time, there should also be ddos ​​protection for Teamspeak

What is failover? How can it be done


Failover is where you have a secondary server that stands by until it may be needed. If the primary server goes down, the secondary server takes over.

I’m going to run teamspeak on vps. Is it possible for Teamspeak? Can automatic DNS forwarding be done?

You’re asking very vague questions. TeamSpeak isn’t too resource demanding, it depends on how many active users you’re expecting and a variety of other factors.

What do you mean by automatic DNS forwarding?

I mean that. I will install a Teamspeak server on my VPS server If there is an interruption in vps, if 2.vps is activated with failover. We connect to Teamspeak servers via DNS E.G : Is it possible to auto-direct them via Cloudflare?

It’s possible, but you have to write or find a script that constantly pings your main ts3 server ip and if it goes down, use the cloudflare api to update your dns entry to point to the fallback server. Set the DNS entry’s TTL to the lowest possible value in CF.

Can you write me in detail? It would be great if there is a screenshot

What’s your budget? :wink:


Oh :smiley: I asked for help for Cloudflare

It’s often called “dynamic DNS” or ddns, just search “cloudflare ddns bash” on google and you’ll find some useful examples to build from.


I think 100% uptime is not possible even with a cloud VPS. I see some hosting company promote their service with 100% uptime. These advertisements overtly exaggerated.