Recommendations for a Simple Self-Hosted Invoice Tool?


What i’m trying to achieve is a very basic CMS to generate invoices with items details, price, termination date and possibly a few options of payment.

Very simple admin dashboard with invoice creation, each invoice create has a public url[no need for registration and login].

Any self-hosted tool to achieve this? Not looking for custom CMS but rather something that can do this job easy and good.

Regards, Armand

Have you looked into invoice ninja? It’s been absolutely amazing so far.


Its not self hosted but im loving WaveApps…

+1 for invoice ninja.


Maybe try out InvoicePlane. I used this to generate Invoices and workd like a charm for me.

I would highly recommend Pancake App (aff). I have been using it for the last couple of years to manage proposals, estimates, invoices, time sheets and support tickets for my freelance gigs, and the product has worked out fabulously for me.

Also, the lead devs Bruno Moreira and Matt Shirey are good people. They are open to suggestions, quick product improvements and even custom integrations at nominal prices.

A bit late to the ball, sorry

This looks very interesting

InvoicePlane looks like unmaintained.

After years of moving between different invoicing solutions, I’m really enjoying Invoice Ninja! Self hosting is a huge plus personally, as is the client area. $30/yr for white-label support is reasonable enough to me.

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