Real world difference between Enterprise HDD and NVMe?

Hi everyone, I have a Hetzner box with two Enterprise HDDs. I am not sure if I will put them in raid or not. Anyway I was wondering what kind of difference I would expect to see on things like page load times, api calls, and so forth if I had a box with an NMVe instead? I see a lot of numbers in terms of read/write speed, IOPS etc but I don’t know how that translates to what I would be using it for which would be self hosted apps or maybe some small side projects. Thanks :heart_eyes_cat:

If you have a lot of calls that require I/O access, you may greatly benefit from going with NVMe, it will reduce the time it takes for each request, reducing also the I/O wait, and hence also CPU usage.

If you’re running a Wordpress blog with 10 concurrent visitors and really need the HDD space, don’t bother going with NVMe.
If you don’t need the HDD space, just go with NVMe and don’t look back.


A great benefit for me is the speed for backups. I can transfer a lot of gigabytes without increasing the server load.

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If the data isn’t that important to you, you can always run them as separate disks or RAID 0 to get more IOPS and performance.