RAID10: Ready for rebuild

Hi. I need some help. A disk failed and it was replaced with a new one. But I see this in the ILO page:


All physical drives show status OK.

This is an HP DL360p Gen9 with a Smart Array P440ar Controller.

Do you know what should I do? Apart from taking backups.

At the risk of stating the obvious, read the RAID controller’s manual.
I don’t think most people can help with something hardware specific unless they also just happen to have the same card.

I personally dislike hardware RAID controllers and let mdraid, ZFS, or Btrfs take care of volume management and redundancy.



softraid and fs does bring cpu overhead which I would vote to avoid whenever can.

mdraid’s requirements are very minimal, certainly negligible for modern CPUs made in the last 8-10 years so as to make hw/raid obsolete.



Sadly it’s the drive bay that’s failing.