Rack/Cabinet? Advice needed

Hi folks,

I have just bought a switch from @Michael, specs TL-SG2424 | 24-Port Gigabit Smart Switch with 4 Combo SFP Slots | TP-Link (should take a week to arrive) and I am thinking of purchasing a cheap cabinet, or whatever, maybe half rack in eBay/EU. I will be adding 2 1U servers later. Need your advice here to purchase a cheap rack/Cabinet that I could nicely fit the switch and servers there. We are about to re-do our network as we are growing quite fast so will be hiring soon. Already hired a person last week.

Anyone here that could guide me on what I should purchase to fit the network equipment and servers there, maybe an UPS later?
Would damn love a 42U but it would get way too expensive I think. Shipping costs would be quite huge.

Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 17.3*7.1*1.7 in. (440*180*44 mm)

I’m willing to make a deal.

Wouldnt look good. But still a possibility! :grin:

@miguel, following our messages over the weekend I was thinking about this this weekend… I remembered there is a really cheap way of doing this… LackRack - Eth0Wiki

And you get a lamp table when you expand!


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You can’t go wrong with that table. It can be used for many projects, and it’s super lightweight. Don’t want to shill for IKEA, but it’s just another great product…

Nah really thinking of a 12U, 19" cabinet at least.