Quick survey for a new project

Share your opinion about the next:
Planning to create a website with free info about the next:

You need an appointment for any dental treatment but you have a limited knowledge about the treatment itself ,steps,technology,cost,materials,brands,side effects/alternatives/pro/cons/ life expectancy of the treatments and alternatives/ accurateness+ geek information about everything if someone wants more info

Would like to obtain for free a short basic information explaining everything above said in simple language . Explaining everything in short form detailed enough to make a Proper informed decision about your treatment.

Free of charge/ on a website/ / no pdf for email spam or whatever/
Done in Spanish and English
What else you would need/requiere/would like to be included in it? Any advice is welcome

A prototype would be uploaded in next few days on jpg format for a simple treatment. To obtain more detailed information/advice/feedback.
Many thanks!

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Don’t really know what else I’d be looking for, just wondering how you’d include the costs since they are very different per country?


Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Basically when speaking about thr costs i was thinking about a 5scale symbols comparing the different alternstives. I mean: € to €€€€€ in order to classify from cheap treatments up to more expensive ones. For basic versions may be in the future would add the real treatments costs basically we have info about the price of the produtcs, hands on of the dentists and the team. ( Speaking about European countries and America) So we could add per country bases costs applied to their countries in a range. It is more work so this would be done in more higher versions. Hopefully this would answer your question. Thanks once again!

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Alternatives in table:
Explanation like tooltips
Steps for filling

Steps for inlay,onlay,overlay


I think you already nailed this. That is all the info I’d want.
The next steps:

  • Q&A that people can submit questions to.

Ar you usign this to build up your clinic brand? If not, you should.

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Thanks for the nice words!
Yes it is a good idea to have answer and questions area. Let s see if somehow could be done easily in wordpress. Like create a ticket in the hosting system where people could attach screenshots or photos or radiographs without names or private information. May be completely seperated domain which would be HIPPA verified.

To being honest i am not pretty sure how i would use it. Not for my marketing. At least my idea is not based on that. Could i use it in the future ? May be could be . but i guess not or in order to not catch my fingers 50% - 50% . :wink: any advice are welcome !

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That sounds like a great service! Thank you for doing this.

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Thanks for the glad words! Any advice is welcome. :wink: