Question regarding Softaculous "Clone" function

I am looking to rebuild a wordpress site of . For that I created . When I clone the in Softaculous and select as destination apparently the source wp login details remain. But do all the links change respectively from to or will I need to edit them manually in db?

Check your wp-config, ensure proper URL and paths are setup, and finally, anything hard coded in your entries will generally not be rewritten.

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If you need to edit them, WP-CLI’s search-replace works wonders:

wp-cli search-replace '\bdomain\.com' ''

This regex breaks down if you don’t want to change to If you have those URIs on your site, you could use a negative lookbehind to only match on word boundaries if the preceding character isn’t a period…

wp-cli search-replace '\b(?<!\.)domain\.com' ''
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Have a look at Duplicator WP Plugin. Can use it to clone and move a website domain.

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Thanks for your help, mate. I do know enough plugins to move WP (AIO WP Migration, Updraft…) and also how to manually do it. Was just wondering whether that “clone” feature of Softaculous would do the same in one click since I only want to switch from my subdomain to main domain :slight_smile:

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No worries mate. I’ve not used Softaculous Clone but have used that plugin to move a site from a sub domain to main domain. It did auto update all links etc

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Ah, yes Duplicator is recommended by many.
I’ve mostly done some search and replace in a mysqldump before importing at new site.

Sometimes you need a third party plugin to search/replace parts thats not cleartext, like Muffingroup offers their own tool to search&replace urls:
(I’ve used this with BeTheme.)

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