QuadraNet Pressed Selling

Seriously I am not pleased at them at all for attempting to me to spill for a VPS node right in front of their faces. I don’t know about anyone else if anything costs more $50 a transaction I need at least a day’s time to consider the “deal” before signing up.

Below is the snippet of the transcript with personal information stripped from both parties…

(05:45:09) |Me: I see wonderful, may I have a reasonable amount of time to consider before commiting to this?
(05:45:39) |Agent: When you say that, you are backing back your thoughts right now.
(05:46:12) |Agent: You need to place the order and push yourself going forward so that you can have much more experience in the future
(05:46:49) |Agent: Let me know if you want to step out your first step to owning a VPS node.

Yet they still emailed me the quote of what I informed of them of that I would be considering it. But it really worth it to support such practices over a discounted managed VPS node? I really don’t think so as personally I don’t think they take my requirement to have to set back as they should had. As it appears to me it like me literally sitting on the fence and then “making me fall” onto their side. Instead of letting my own mind does what it does best…

I think this is the classic case of “you get what you paid for”. As if you want to be treated like a human being, you kinda have to pay more for that. :frowning:

That is no way to treat a customer! Shocking.

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@QuadraNet_Adam @QuadraNet-Dustin Why are you guys pushing for more inexperienced people to become VPS hosts? Why are you employing these very agressive sales techniques?


I don’t think either of those guys still work with QuadraNet after they found out they were running one of the largest scams in web hosting industry?

On-topic: Yeah that’s pretty pushy. I’d avoid them if I were the buyer.

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Thanks all for the support also as @teamacc mentioned, becoming a host at all comes with serious decisions to be made. Being “pressed” to buy a configuration shouldn’t be one of them.

Plus I clearly asked for a reasonable time allotment for this. Thus I believed I did my part prior to them just dropping the ball like this.

WRONG, CC owns you, not you OWN the VPS Node.

When I reached out to QN forever ago and spoke with Adam and Dustin, I had a pretty good experience. They were very open to find something suitable for my needs and gave me enough time to consider my options before making any decisions (would have involved them shipping around hardware to meet my needs). Ultimately ended up not going with them (b/c they lacked sufficient DDoS protection), but the pre-sales experience went well enough.

As well known by now, Adam and Dustin are no longer with QN, so I’m guessing they hired some (rather inexperienced) new sales reps to fill the gap. Obviously they need better training and to be shown proper sales techniques. I personally hate “take it or leave it” offers when reaching out for a quote.

@Friendly, if possible, try getting in contact with someone higher up. Maybe you’ll have a better experience if you can get in touch with a sales manager or someone in a leadership position. Good luck!


Thank you very much, I suppose it’s worth the shot. I will see if they will address this appropriately. Too bad they don’t have a direct management contact so it could go no where but trying is better than nothing…

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The person (same person) said that they were sorry and said they just wanted to get things done for me “as quickly” as possible. As well if anything “bothers me” that to “please accept the apology”.

Still bothers me though… Probably going to have move on elsewhere as obviously it doesn’t seems like it will go beyond this.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t think it was that bad. It’s not my style but it’s “a” style. The sales person tried something and failed. It happens. It was worth a try, good game.

If you’re still thinking of going with them I will say, I’ve had an exceptionally positive experience with them. I think you can find reasons to complain about anyone, but the majority of my interactions with their techs have been overwhelmingly on point and fast.


totally agree with @jarland here. I don’t see much bad here. maybe it’s my own language barrier, if what the sales guy said if considered offensive and I don’t get it.
however this is sales, and if you are a buyer and ask the question in a way like the initial one above - expect an answer. don’t ask at all but tell them you are going to decide after a consideration phase.


It doesn’t seem like English is the sales guy’s native language. It struck me more as nonsensical than aggressive.


Every damn time I see this thread.

Perhaps an ex motivational speaker, or an ex gym trainer :face_with_monocle:

Just another ex social media influencer

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To offer the counter: I had a good experience for many years (about 4 years iirc) and then I decided to leave. All on good terms with all invoices paid. Took about 3.5 weeks to get a server shipped. Dicked around/ignored by billing & support. Box sat out of the rack for over a week before someone finally slapped a shipping label on it. Not a happy camper.

I knew my small account wasn’t a top priority, but I’ve had immensely better support from other DCs where I’m paying half of my old QN bill. If you do any business with them I’d suggest renting, if you’re small time colo just avoid.


That is indeed very unacceptable and of course not professional. I heard of another horror story on another web hosting forum about missing rails and asking if the guy would like it’s ears bolted on the rack instead. Denying that and saying that the rails HAD been shipped (and QN saying that the box was very damaged when in fact no professional shipping companies would accept such boxes to begin with…), after several hours they split out a set of rails for him free of charge. But almost a MONTH for colo shipment of a SINGLE server to come to you? That’s just steer ignorance on their end for sure. If you brought it up like you already mentioned you had.

I will consider the other data center that I reached out to. Maybe they can be a better fit that doesn’t screw with customers nearly as much. Yea there always bad experiences but something like this and so on? That’s not acceptable.