Push/Alerting App or Service Recommendations?

Is any of you aware of a service that offers a push notifications with alarming? I’d like to set priorities on the notifications. Say if a non-critical app stops working there should be a single beep, but when shit hits the fan there should be an alarm going off. Paid apps are an option too as long as the pricing isn’t based on the amount of notifications as there will be a lot of people receiving them.

I remember @Francisco saying one time that one of his monitors didn’t have alarm enabled, so I’d be grateful if you could share some insights about your setup :blush:

Pushover can be integrated with pretty much anything nowadays including LibreNMS.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will look at it. The integration isn’t a problem at all as it will be hand crafted anyway. I just need the option of prioritizing the notifications.

Pushover is solid, no issues with it.

Both nodeping and observium integrate with it perfectly.




Definitely Pushover. They have a simple yet powerful priority policy.

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I’m kind of surprised nobody has mentioned Pushover yet.


After Bendover was taken over by Meetoo, Pushover is the only option left.


You could always have a look at gotify! Build in go and selfhosted :slight_smile: not sure about alarms tho never looked into that

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