PSA: BitWarden_rs Renamed To VaultWarden

I was trying to find some more information on a few of BitWarden’s Docker env variables and stumbled upon the name change.


I saw the change and had been questioning my sanity as to whether or not it had always been that way.

I thought you had given up questioning it by now? :wink:

Yeah, they changed the name for trademark / copyright reasons. No issues when I noticed it a while back and switched my setup over. They also combined the different db type tags into one tag that supports all of them.

Additional note is that they also took the chance to change from “master” branch to “main” branch if you are doing anything with the source btw.


Honestly I’m surprised it lasted as “Bitwarden_rs” for as long as it did. That’s obviously an infringement on Bitwarden’s trademark and it’s very likely to cause confusion.

I think it was more for clarity than issues with infringement. Apparently they have a sympathetic upstream.
Love Vaultwarden, and they keep improving, very active development.