Proxy for Accessing IPv6 Websites?

I’m currently looking for a way to access IPv6-only websites from my IPv4 connection.
Since i don’t need fancy VPNs or stuff like that, i was thinking about using a simple HTTP proxy.

However, there are so many i cannot decide which one to pick, and also, how would i set them up so that the DNS lookup is done on the proxy, using IPv6 if possible?

I checked tinyproxy but there isn’t anything about DNS or IPv4/IPv6 in the config. Is dns actually done on the client, before the proxy connection?

Why don’t you just setup an IPv6 tunnel?

Because I’m interested in HTTP-only IPv6.

You can’t just do that with a HTTP proxy, because HTTP requests also involve DNS lookups. So you’d need to have at least a DNS server running and you’d need to alter the domain you wish to visit with some other domain, which would then point to this DNS server. Comparable to what SixXS was doing. But I don’t know of any service that provides this.

I’m testing with random anonymous http proxies, and it looks like domain lookups both bypass both my local host file, and my ISP dns (i checked with some banned domains).
So i wouldn’t understand why a proxy couldn’t fetch content under ipv6 by default, and relay to a ipv4 client?

You’re right, it seems to depend on the proxy and the protocol whether or not DNS lookups are done by the proxy. So some proxy’s might work and some won’t.